1. Office of the Prophet Eph: 4:11
Headship function given by Jesus/ extension of the headship ministry of Christ to His Church

2. Gift of Prophecy 1 Cor 12:10

Given by the Holy Spirit as a body ministry function; it is a gift and it…
• Operates by grace and faith Rom: 12:6

• Not based on maturity… Acts 19:6 (Church at Ephesus) – (V.I.)

• Not based on correct doctrine 1 Cor: 3:1-3

• Cannot be earned 1 Cor: 4:7

• Cannot be purchased Acts 8:18-21

Fourfold purpose: edification/ exhortation/ comfort/ 1 Cor: 14:3 conviction of unbeliever 1 Cor: 14:24

Prophesying was common in all the churches:

Corinth: “covet to prophesy” 1 Cor: 14:1

Thessalonica: “Despise not prophesying” 1 Thess: 5:20

Rome: “according to proportion of faith” Rom: 12:6

Caesarea: Acts 21:8-11

All Churches: Acts 20:22-23

3. Prophetic Preaching

All preaching must be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and should be generally directed by God. This is not prophetic preaching.

Four Features of Prophetic Preaching

1. Biblical truth/ as with prophecy a prophetic message is subordinate to the Logos Word of God.

2. Word and illustrations are exactly what God wants to say. Certain truths are shared in a certain way using divinely directed illustrations.

3. Meant for people present at the time. May have generally applicable meaning but has forceful relevance at time of delivery.

4. Any five-fold minister can move in this realm.

4. Prophetic Presbytery

Gathering of qualified elders among who should be a strong Prophet for the following purposes:

a) Prophetic revelation and confirmation Acts 13:1-3

b) Ordination to ministry Titus 1:5

c) Confirmation and activation of membership ministries and gifts 1 Tim: 1:18, 1 Tim: 4:14-15, 2 Tim: 1:6

d) Progress in Christian maturity – (Identifies gifts and callings as was in Timothy’s case)

• Presbytery does not eliminate the need for the office of the Prophet

• Any five-fold minister can function and speak the word of the Lord over a person as part of a constituted presbytery (1 Tim: 4:14 – eldership)

• Only a Prophet can function in the prophetic realm ordained for the office of the Prophet

• Prophets can do on an individual basis all that a full presbytery can do except, ordination into ministry – Scripturally this is done by a presbytery (very important)

5. Spirit of Prophecy

A special prophetic anointing arising in the church or among a group of believers when either:

• There is a strong presence of the Lord so that anyone finds it easy to prophesy!

• When individuals come under the mantle of an anointed Prophet or a company of Prophets, for example:

• Numbers 11:24–30 – Moses and the appointing of the 70 elders

• 1 Sam: 10:10 – Saul among the Prophets

• 1 Sam: 19:20–24 – Saul’s men coming under the mantle of Samuel