The Prophetic Process

1. Roeh: Seer1 Samuel 9: 9

This is the divine ability to perceive on several different levels into the unseen realm of events and circumstances either past, present or future and to speak or reveal the mind of God.

2. Naba: (Hebrew): to prophesy, to bubble up, to gush forth, to pour forth or to chant. Used in different grammatical forms 424 times in the O.T. It takes both the human mouth of man and the pure divine word of the Lord combined to produce prophecy –(Jeremiah 23:28-31; Micah 3:5)

3. Nataph: (Hebrew): to prophesy, to drop, or to fall as drops of rain. Used in Micah 2:6-7

The combined understanding of the three words discussed clarifies the dynamic spiritual process that takes place as the true word of the Lord flows out of the mouth of the prophet.

4. Propheteuo: (Greek): to prophesy. Used 200 times in the N.T

“pro”: fore or forth “phemi”: to speak

The word can mean either “to speak forth”: 1 Corinthians 14:1 or to “foretell” as in Matthew 15:7.