The Scope Of The Prophetic Word

Edification / Exhortation / Comfort/Direction / Activation / Confirmation / Correction / Judgement / Perfecting or Shaping

Edification: 1 Cor: 14:3-5

Exhortation: Acts 15:32 The true prophet’s ministry of exhortation is in direct contrast to the false prophet’s subversion – (Acts 15:24; Acts 14:21-22)

Comfort: 1 Cor: 14:3 / Isaiah 40:1-2, 28-31

Direction: Acts 13:1-2. Directional prophecy is a release unto warfare. 1 Tim: 1:18 It provides a rhema word that we can use to defeat the enemy. “This charge I commit unto thee…” (Parangelia- military orders from a superior to a junior officer)

Activation: 1 Tim: 4:14 / 2 Tim: 1:6 “by” is “dia”: a conduit or channel. The prophetic word was the channel or the conduit for activation of the gifts of the spirit

Confirmation: Acts 15:32, 41 To strengthen or to establish that which has already been set up.

Correction: A chastening word or a call to repentance – not to condemnation but in loving reproof in order to build up. Jeremiah indicates the prophetic procedure in Jer: 1:10: “root out, pull down, destroy, throw down, build, plant.” – (2 Tim: 4:2)

Judgment: The prophetic word moving against continued or unrepentant sin. 1 Cor: 5:4-5; 1 Tim: 1:10-20. Note that NT judgment by apostles or prophets was always basically restorative in purpose not punitive. (Learn not to blaspheme)

Perfecting: Eph: 4:11-12. To perfect: Katartismos: Fashioning, adjusting, crafting of the life of the believer in accordance with the just standard of the Word of God.